The driver ran the bus at high speed in deep water

New Zealand's Auckland city has been ravaged by torrential rain, which has brought down trees, flooded homes and closed major roads.

While the scenario has disrupted the daily lives of the people to a great extent, efforts have already begun to clean up the city.

Officials are also working to determine the extent of damage and survey the area under flood water.

This havoc has also been considered the "biggest climate event" in New Zealand's history.

Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media in which a bus driver is seen driving the bus in flood water up to his shoulders.

The video was shared by Debbie Burrows on Facebook.

She is the deputy chairperson of the Maungakiki Tamaki Local Board, one of the 21 local boards of Auckland Council.

In the video, a car is seen submerged in water, in which only a part of the car's roof is visible.

As Burroughs pans the camera, a bus is seen smoothly wading through floodwaters.

Significantly, many passengers are standing inside the bus.

"Unbelievable I see a bus trying to navigate this water...can't believe've got to be kidding me," she says in the video.

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The clip's caption reads, "OMG, a bus just passed by. I was trying to close the road but struggling to get the message through."

Since being shared, the video has been viewed over 13,000 times.

One user said, "What's with these drivers? This is funny."

Another user said, "What a skilful bus driver!" A third person wrote, "The driver's license should be revoked and the bus should be held liable for the damage."

This is professional misconduct."

Another person said, "Give the guy a medal. He still got people to work on time. That's the most Kiwi thing ever."

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