On February 4, the premiere of the play "Mowgli" was held on the stage of the Azerbaijan State Young Audience Theater.

APA informs that the production director of the play "Mowgli" based on the books "Book of Jungles" and "The Second Jungle" by Redyard Kipling, the first English writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, is the production director Elshad Rahimzade, production designer Mayis Abdullayev, music designer Irada Muradova, plastic solution Jeyhun. Dadashov, assistant director Sona Mustafayeva.

Roles in the new play Honored artist Shafaq Aliyeva, Honored artist Elnur Bahramkhan, Nurlan Suleymanli, Aybeniz Heydarova Yashar Heydarli, Jeyhun Mammadov, Ramil Mammadov, Oman Budagov, Gunel Mammadova, Hokume Rahimzade, Elgun Yahyayev, Tahir Ismayilov, Mehriban Huseynova, Anar Seyfullayev, Hilal Demirov , Ilgara Tosova, Konul Abilova, Ramig Nasirov, Nurana Huseynova, Farida Gurbanova, Khalid Bakirov, Imdad Tofigoglu, Ilaha Amirkhanova, Gulbeniz Latifova, Gulbeniz Latifova, Khayala Gasimova perform.

With the director's personal interpretation, the events of the colorful play take place in the jungle near the African tribes.

A tiger named Shirkhan attacks the tribe and mauls the father of the boy named Mowgli.

A leopard named Bahira rescues Mowgli and gives him to the wolves in the jungle.

Mowgli is forced to learn to live as a wolf.

He grows up to be ruthless, strong and fearless against villains.

The victory of the fight between Mowgli and Shirkhan over the red fire causes Mowgli to shed tears for the first time.

These tears make him feel human.

As part of the play's premiere, an exhibition of paintings depicting Mowgli's lifestyle was held by school-age children engaged in artistic activities within the framework of the Republican Children and Youth Development Center and Askerov Art Studio.