The CHAIRMAN of the Iramba Teachers' Savings and Loan Association (CHAMWAI), Ali Mwekwa, has denied signing different documents that prove he borrowed more than Shs.

38 in the Party, at different times and years while in that position.

It has been stated by the Head of Iramba District, Suleiman Mwenda, who is currently transferred to Monduli district that due to the debt not being paid on time and in full, it now exceeds Shs 94 million.

Despite different documents, including a letter that Mwekwa wrote years ago, admitting that he was owed Shs.

94 to be presented before the Regional Commissioner of Singida, Peter Serukamba, has said that he wrote the letter under pressure from the police.

Serukamba who met with more than 100 retired teachers in the meeting hall of his office, called his former leaders to help them determine if the signatures are of their colleagues or not and they all said they were signatures of Mwekwa who, however, has maintained a position to deny them.

"My fellow leaders of the PCC and the police, I ask you to leave this old man, use handwriting experts to investigate if it is proven that his handwriting is correct, we will prosecute him criminally," Serukamba ordered.


Retired Ali Mwekwa (standing) explaining himself to Singida Regional Commissioner, Peter Serukamba.

The head of the Institute for Prevention and Combating Corruption (PCUKURU), Mzalendo Madege, handed him over to the police, who left with him.

On January 25 this year, Serukamba met for the first time with the teachers asking them to help them be paid their rights that they are demanding from CHAMWAI, which however has died due to some members, including former leaders, not paying the money they were being lent.

After discussion and going through some examples, he instructed DC Mwenda to arrest and keep the prisoners who were the leaders of the party and bring them to the meeting that was meant to be held on January 31.

In addition, it was stated that each member was deducted Shs 10,000 every month, which was supposed to be entered into CHAMWAI's account in CRDB Bank, but some of the money ended up in the hands of Iramba and Mkarama councils.

Even the money entered into the CRDB account, did not reach the party with the explanation that there were loans taken, so every shilling received by CRDB was taken to pay the debt, which the members told Serukamba that they did not approve the relevant loans.

CHAMWAI TREASURER, Amos Mgitu speaking before RC Serukamba

Serukamba has instructed the CRDB Manager to ensure that he sends all the documents required in accordance with the law, rules and procedures for granting loans to the cooperative, including the summary, which has been signed by a quarter of the members, to approve the relevant loan; otherwise, the bank will be required to return the money it took to pay off the debt .

Also, the directors of the Iramba and Mkalama councils have been asked to pay the money owed by CHAMWAI quickly and in full, so that it can recover and be able to pay the teachers who claim it.

Along with Mwekwa, other leaders who were read their debts include Samwel Sima who owes more than Sh 9 million, while Jackson Marumi owes Sh 1 million.

34.555 being explained by DC Mwenda that despite the fact that he admitted in writing to be owed, he died and the council did not pay the debt until the family closed the inheritance.

The councils have been directed by Serukamba to pay all the money that was not paid to the party by the staff due to negligence by the directors.