The lion was going to eat the python, the snake jumped in the air and attacked

Big people get goosebumps on hearing the name of snake.

Leave aside the real snake, seeing the dangerous videos of the snake going viral on the social media, people's heart trembles.

Many times we get to see such dangerous videos of snakes that we cannot believe our eyes.

Especially the videos of huge and poisonous snakes like King Cobra and Python create fear in us many times.

But now in the video that we are going to show you, in this the python attacked a lion in such a way that you will also tremble after seeing it.

In this video which is going viral, you can see that a python is sitting very peacefully and a lion is seen moving towards it.

As soon as the snake reaches the python, the lion bends down to eat it.

The python makes a loud jump in the air with great speed and badly tears the lion's mouth with its jaws.

The lion also jumps very fast and then goes away from the python.

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This video is very scary to watch, it will give goosebumps to anyone.

You would have rarely seen a snake attacking like this before.

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