[Reporter Xu Shiying/Comprehensive Report] Sun Yizhen, the goddess of "National First Love", has a delicate and refined temperament, sweet smiling eyes, delicate facial features, and a pure image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With her beauty and acting skills, she has become the youngest grand slam actress in South Korea with her strong acting skills, and her film and television works over the years have been well-received and well received.

At that time, Sun Yizhen was selected by the famous director Guo Zairong, and she played the leading role in the classic pure love movie "The Origin of Destiny". She played the roles of mother Zhuxi and daughter Zixi respectively. The film tells two love stories spanning 30 years, one happened between 1960 and 70 In the 1990s, the other happened in modern times. Her daughter Zixi, who was born in modern times, read the love letter of her mother Zhuxi hidden in the box for a long time, and discovered her mother’s past first love story. After traveling through time and space, that love, There is a continuation of happiness.

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Sun Yizhen said that when playing mothers and daughters of different ages, she has done enough homework on the roles in terms of movements and voices, and she can distinguish the differences if you look closely. The agility and personal style of the two heroines are well interpreted.

Guo Zairong also expressed that one of the central themes of the film is the communication between the past and the present, as well as the causal relationship between the two love affairs. It is like the room of Joo Hee and her daughter Ji Hae in the 1960s sharing a similar and elegant window frame, which symbolizes the past. It is connected with the current love and conveys the visual image of beautiful and pure love.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the film, "The Origin and Immortality" will be released in Taiwan on February 10, Valentine's Day, in a 4K restored version. Fans can relive Son Ye-jin's every frown and smile on the big screen.

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