James reveals the delicious secret of Korean fried chicken.

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〔Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report〕James, the host of "James Leaving Cooking" and guest Huang Xiangting, went to Korea to find delicious food. In addition to staying in temples to taste vegetarian dishes, James also revealed the secret of delicious Korean fried chicken!

The program specially arranged for James and Huang Xiangting to go to Suwon in Gyeonggi-do to explore the delicious cooking process of grilled ribs, fried chicken and the national snack blood sausage that often appear in Korean dramas.

James bluntly said that after the chicken is fried and then coated with sauce, the most feared thing is that the crispness will not be lost when bitten. He deciphered the secret of the delicious Korean fried chicken: "The frying skill is very important! The skin must be crispy, otherwise the sauce will not be as good as soon as it is dipped. Crisp!"

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And James, who is good at creative cooking, also visited a restaurant that cleverly combined grilled ribs sauce with fried chicken during this trip to Korea, which instantly conquered his keen taste buds and praised the restaurant's cooking techniques. Awesome.

Among them, James found that when the fried chicken was wrapped in sauce and stir-fried, he was most impressed by the culinary know-how of strictly keeping no water in the pot: "Once there is water, it is easy to eat the batter when the water vapor comes out. , it won’t be brittle!”

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