Want to explore the beauty of Taiwan with the fragrance of flowers?

See the most beautiful flower viewing spots in spring!

(Provided by Tainan City Government, Lion Travel, Yilan ㄚ Xin's Food Journal)

Welcoming the pink and tender spring when all kinds of flowers are in full bloom, want to find the fragrance of flowers and explore the beauty of Taiwan?

This article specifically searches for the recent flower season activities in Taiwan, from the Yangmingshan flower season in the north, the Spring Festival flower exhibition at the Shilin Mansion, to the cherry blossoms and tulips in the central part, to enjoy the unique flower path journey in the mountains by steam cypress train, and even visit the most popular places in the south The plum blossom viewing trail, easy to grasp the most beautiful moment of flower viewing!

<Northern> spring cherry blossoms and rhododendrons in full bloom Yangmingshan flower viewing and exhibition

Flower viewing in Yangmingshan is like the beginning of spring. The theme of the 2023 Yangmingshan Flower Season is "Yangming Spring Dawn". , Hanzakura, Yaezakura, Showa Sakura and Yoshino Sakura, as well as Hirado Azalea and Golden Retriever Azalea bloom in the forest. Let's go hiking together in the mountains to capture the beauty of the beautiful spring flower season.

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The 6 pavilions on Yangmingshan also started to cooperate with the Yangmingshan Flower Festival activities simultaneously, launching former residence exhibitions, puzzle-solving visits and other activities, adding a strong humanistic color to the beautiful flower season.

Yangmingshan is in full bloom in spring, and the first wave of blooming is pink cherry and mountain cherry.

(Provided by the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government)

〈Northern〉Rabbit Flower Rabbit Grass Welcomes Good Luck Beauty Shoot "Taiwan Version Furano" Flower Sea

In response to the Year of the Rabbit, the Shilin Mansion Spring Festival Flower Exhibition bustlingly exhibited plants with the word "rabbit" together with a variety of seasonal flowers, a total of more than 500 plants, like the most popular "moon rabbit ears", covered with soft The fluffy succulent leaves look like furry rabbit ears, and the "rabbit tail grass" named after the tail of a small white rabbit, etc., are full of healing.

At the same time, Taiwan's latest breeding "Big-lip Phalaenopsis" was displayed, the Phalaenopsis spray-painted with the Taiwanese national flag, and the "Cinnabar Root" that symbolizes welcoming ten thousand taels of gold, "Silver Willow" that dialed in silver taels, and prosperous for a whole year The "Ornamental Pineapple" and other plants with auspicious meanings are used to wish for wealth and good luck in the new year.

The "Flower Dome" of the Shilin Mansion is projected with night lights and matched with the streamlined design of thousands of potted flowers around it, exuding a romantic atmosphere.

(Provided by the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government)

The Shilin Mansion exhibits various varieties of Phalaenopsis, including the unique orchid in the color of the national flag of Taiwan, which is full of festive meanings of prosperity and prosperity.

(Provided by the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government)

Ornamental pineapples are commonly known as Wanglai, and I wish the people a prosperous year.

(Provided by the Public Works Bureau of Taipei City Government, photo by Chen Kuncan)

Simultaneously presenting beauty also includes Beitou's "Sanmenezaki Park Flower Sea" which enjoys the reputation of "Taiwanese version of Furano", and Neihu Lake "Lohas Night Cherry Season" which combines the beauty of cherry blossoms with night lights. You can feel the beauty of early spring. with vitality.

Beitou Sanmenozaki Park has a special hillside terrain, creating a multi-layered flower sea landscape, known as the "Taiwanese version of Furano".

(Provided by the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government)

〈Central〉Wuling Farm and Fushoushan Thousand Cherry Blossoms Garden are a must-visit if the cherry blossoms are in full bloom

Cherry blossoms in Taiwan begin to bloom in late January every year. Among them, the cherry blossom season at Wuling Farm in Taichung is the most popular, and it will debut from February 7th to February 28th. A total of 200 hectares and 21,000 cherry trees are planted in the park, with more than 10 species Different varieties of cherry blossoms.

Wuling Farm has more than 20,000 cherry trees of different varieties, forming a dreamy pink gradient flower sea on the top of the mountain.

(Provided by Lion Travel)

Located at an altitude of 2,200 meters, the cherry garden "Fushou Mountain Thousand Cherry Blossoms" is known as the highest altitude in Taiwan. It is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Taichung. It has cultivated more than 6,000 cherry blossoms, including Hihan Sakura, Fuji Sakura, Showa Sakura, and Yoshino Cherry Blossoms. Six varieties, including Sakura and Oshima Sakura, bloom one after another, and the flowering period lasts until March.

The petals of the cherry blossoms in the Thousand Sakura Garden flutter with the wind to form a beautiful scenery of blowing snow, just like being in Japan, attracting tourists wearing kimonos to take pictures.

(Provided by Yilan ㄚ Xin's food log)

There are about 1,000 Taiwan Fuji cherry trees planted in the Thousand Cherry Garden. It is a hybrid of mountain cherry and Japanese cherry. The flowers are plump and pink, and they look like pink cotton candy when they are in full bloom.

(File photo of this newspaper)

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Snow-white plum blossoms in Yunlin's "free cherry blossom viewing spot"

〈Central〉Flying to the Netherlands in seconds to find the fragrance, 130,000 tulips in Shanlinxi exploded

The colorful and changeable tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands. It can be said to be one of the most brilliant flowers in spring. You don’t have to fly all the way to Europe to enjoy the tulip flowers. There are many tulip spots in Taiwan from early spring to March every year. There are as many as 130,000 tulips in nearly 20 kinds of colors, which are too beautiful to behold.

In addition, including the Zhongshe Flower Market, Xinshe Flower Sea, Xueba Farm and other scenic spots, you can also see the fragrance of tulips of different colors.

There are 130,000 tulips planted in Shanlinxi, Nantou. There are new varieties of double petals and two colors, and the flowers are bright and prosperous.

(Provided by Lion Travel)

Every year from the beginning of spring to the end of February is the famous tulip season in Shanlinxi.

(Provided by Lion Travel)

〈Southern〉Railway Viewing Cherry Blossom Forest Naruhiko + steam cypress train super dreamy

The cherry blossom trees in the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area bloom from March to mid-April. If you want to add fun to the journey, some travel agencies arrange the Mingri to be paired with the Alishan steam cypress train to launch a luxurious railway cherry blossom viewing experience. Shuttle through the mountains and forests, pass the famous bends, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the steam, and walk under the flower trees in the colorful March, taste the cherry blossom picnic box, and enjoy the unique flower path journey in the mountains, just like being in Japan. Cozy and romantic.

Take the Mingri and the national treasure century-old steam cypress train to Alishan to watch the sunrise and the sea of ​​clouds and the beautiful scenery of spring cherry blossoms.

(Provided by Lion Travel)

Entering the cherry blossom viewing season in Alishan, a variety of cherry blossoms bloom in pink and tender colors one after another.

(Provided by Lion Travel)

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〈Southern〉Plum Ridge Appreciation of Plum Blossoms, Hot Springs, Food One-day Tour

Plum blossoms are regarded as an auspicious symbol of good news in the spring. Tainan Meiling Scenic Area can enjoy plum blossoms, taste the special plum chicken, and go to Guidan Hot Spring to enjoy the baptism of sodium bicarbonate spring known as "beauty soup". Plan a day trip.

Meiling's "Popular Plum Appreciation Landmark" includes Wulong Trail, Meilong Trail, Meifeng Ancient Trail and Guanyin Trail. Plum trees are planted along the four trails. Among them, the slope of Wulong Trail is relatively gentle and there are many plum trees. It is very suitable for The whole family can swim together, walk and enjoy the flowers, and can overlook the scenery of Zengwen Reservoir; as for the Meifeng Ancient Road, you can see camellias, purple peonies, mountain cherry blossoms, safflower campanulas or azaleas at the same time, and if you are lucky, you can also enjoy the magnificent scenery. The sea of ​​clouds is well worth a visit.

Meiling can walk slowly along the height, and the open landscape can overlook the Zengwen and Nanhua reservoirs.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

To Meiling, you may wish to walk slowly along the height, and the open landscape can overlook the Zengwen and Nanhua reservoirs.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

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