"Great Tainan Children's Immortals Fighting Immortals" performance.

(Provided by Nanshi Government Education Bureau)

[Reporter Yang Jincheng/Tainan Report] Today (4th) Tainan Saltwater Martial Temple Plaza held the "Great Tainan Children's Immortals Fighting Immortals" art performance to warm up for today's saltwater bee cannon activity around the border. A total of 31 schools in Tainan showed performances The promotion of the results of folk arts was very lively, and the art performances ended at 3:15 pm today.

This year is the 23rd year for the "Great Tainan Children's Immortal Fairy" to be held. Three local schools including Yanshui Elementary School, Huanya Elementary School, and Kishinei Elementary School jointly performed "Guangdong Lions - Lions Frolicking and Celebrating the Festival" to kick off the event. In the prologue, Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe presented a certificate of appreciation and encouraged teachers and students to perform.

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Huang Weizhe said, "Da Tainan Children's Immortals Fighting Fairy" is based on the traditional art inheritance as the main axis, integrating folk sports and modern performing arts, providing the school's high-quality art teams to show off their skills at the beehive celebration. The wonderful performances of the students testify to the The school has succeeded in promoting folk arts and crafts, which is worthy of recognition.

Saltwater Junior High School, Huanya Elementary School, and Kinnai Elementary School jointly performed the Guangdong Lion.

(Photo by reporter Yang Jincheng)

Zheng Xinhui, director of the Education Bureau of Tainan City, said that folk arts and crafts are important assets of Taiwan's history and culture. ", "Inheritance" spirit, for the first time, the Guangdong Lions of the three local schools in Yanshui cooperated with each other to demonstrate the spirit of inheritance of traditional arts and inject vitality into the promotion of local culture.

There are 31 schools performing today, including 1 high school, 10 junior middle schools, 18 elementary schools, and 2 kindergartens. The performances include creative electronic music, aboriginal dance, folk dance, cheerleading, unicycle, drumming, dragon dance, dance Lion, diabolo and other skills present the beauty of multiple arts.

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