The cucumber program "The Strongest Variety Show" ushered in a new revision.

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[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] FTV and the top eight "The Strongest Variety Show" ushered in a new revision this Saturday, led by the variety show king Hu Gua and the host Lai Huiru. After the talent performed, representatives were sent to bet and guess the performance Who wins or what state is reached.

Among them, besides Yang Xiuhui, who has been full of topics recently, joined as a resident guest, the three little freshmen Hu Shi'an, Xu Xinyang, who are known as the "New Variety Shows", and Sun Kejie, who was a model, were also recruited as regular team members of the show.

To welcome the Lantern Festival, lanterns were hung high in the shed. In the new unit "Show Me The Money", Hugua took everyone to challenge "Dahuan Eighteen Beans" and asked all artists to bet on points. Unexpectedly, Xu Xinyang won the first place and won Gua Ge took the big red envelope, and Gua Ge immediately praised Xu Xinyang: "Your gambling luck is much better than your father." He took the opportunity to hurt his friends and made everyone laugh.

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Next, in order to earn red envelopes, the three little fresh meats Xu Xinyang, Hu Shian, and Sun Kejie volunteered to introduce the diabolo contestants. Sanxianrou did their best to get information about the diabolo contestants. They even knew how many certificates and even ID numbers the diabolo contestants had Knowing the palm, it was also said that the host was very aggressive, and the host had memorized the script very well.

As soon as the startling and frightening "Illusion Master" came on stage, he brought an orange. Gua asked "Illusion Master" why it was always an orange. When he got closer, he found that the orange was full of needles. Pulling out the needles one by one without rushing and swallowing them into their mouths, Lai Huiru and Yang Xiuhui couldn't help but stare wide-eyed and shut their mouths. Immediately after the "Illusion Master" swallowed a thin thread, he slowly pulled the thread out from his mouth , suddenly pulled out a string of needles, the miraculous "threading the needle" made all the entertainers frightened, and the super-horrific scene made the audience scream again and again.

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