The doctor said that for people with excessive body fat, it is recommended to focus on reducing fat first in terms of body shape, because too much fat may hinder muscle synthesis and hinder muscle growth; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Some people say that before gaining muscle, you should eat fat first, and then lose weight. In this regard, Lin Zhiwei, a physician at Luzhou Ailin Clinic, said that for people with excessive body fat, it is recommended to lose fat first in terms of body shape. Mainly, the reason is that too much fat may hinder muscle synthesis and detrimental to muscle growth.

It is recommended to wait until the body fat is lower than the ideal water level before considering a muscle-building plan.

Excessive body fat first lose fat 

Lin Zhiwei pointed out in the Facebook fan page "Yixinwei Youwei Physician ~ Lin Zhiwei Physician" that people with excessive body fat should focus on reducing fat first; the reason is that too much fat may hinder muscle synthesis, Bad for muscle gain.

The focus of fat loss is on a caloric deficit, that is, burning more calories than you eat.

In addition, fat loss does not necessarily have to be through aerobic exercise, but aerobic exercise is a faster way to lose fat.

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Lin Zhiwei gave an example, if you are a person who looks medium-sized or even thin, but has high body fat, it is recommended to start with fat loss first, instead of eating and gaining weight immediately, because the gain may be fat; wait until the body fat is low After the ideal water level, consider a muscle-building plan.

Training quality is the key to muscle gain

Lin Zhiwei mentioned that if you want to build muscle, the most important thing at the beginning is not to increase the calories you eat, but to increase the quality of training; the training schedule is in place and the quality of movement is qualified. After the training intensity reaches the standard, the body will naturally create If there is a calorie gap needed, it only makes sense to eat more to make up the gap.

He further said that the body must be continuously stimulated by weight before it can send out various synthetic signals to allow the muscles to grow; after the body receives new intensity training, it feels that the current body may not be able to bear the current load, so that the muscles can adapt to hypertrophy , which is the basis of the principle of "progressive overload" in weight training; even if the body maintains a certain intensity of training for a long time, the muscle-building effect may stagnate. Let the body make adaptive adjustments.

In addition, Lin Zhiwei believes that for non-professional players and ordinary people, the ideal long-term weight maintenance range is to subtract 100 kg from height (cm), and adding 3-5 kg ​​to this figure is the ideal long-term maintenance goal for ordinary people.

Taking a boy with a height of 170 cm as an example, 73-75 kg is the ideal end point.

He also appealed to stop letting yourself eat fat first to gain muscle.

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