ØZI sang in Beiliu for the first time, and the box office hit instantly.

(Provided by New Paradise)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] ØZI sang in Beiliu for the first time. Tickets went on sale at noon today, and 5,000 tickets were sold out in 5 minutes. His IG and FB received many private messages from fans "can't buy tickets ", he went online and found out that it was really sold out, so he screamed in front of the computer and shouted: "I can't believe it, I'm so happy."

ØZI will release a new album "ADICA". Last year, he encountered a low tide and encountered a bottleneck in his creation. He once had the idea of ​​​​retiring from the circle. This time he started singing after many years, and the tickets sold out quickly, which made him more confident

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ØZI revealed that many relatives and friends entrusted him to buy tickets, but unexpectedly they were sold out before the reservation time was too late. He said with an embarrassing smile, "I have to tell them I'm sorry." He revealed that his parents immediately sent a summons congratulate.

As for whether there is a chance to add another performance to the Northern Stream concert?

ØZI's management company New Paradise Music responded: "Currently there is no plan to add shows, but an overseas tour will be planned for ØZI. Fans, please look forward to it."

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