Netizens have really made the "Gboard stick" long keyboard released by Japan's Google.

(Picture/Flip Reddit)

At the end of last year, Google Japan released a long typing keyboard called "Gboard Bar" (also known as Gboard stick). It is not a common traditional keyboard design. This product was not actually mass-produced and sold, but now someone really made it!

The funny Gboard stick, when it was released by Google Japan earlier, the official filmed a video to introduce it, not only explaining the development process, but also praising the Gboard stick for solving many common keyboard problems in actual use , in addition to being easy to clean, easier to find, etc., it also recommends many additional uses, such as being used as a chopstick rest, measuring height, and even serving as trekking poles.

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Obviously, this product is pure fantasy. Google Japan did not really plan to mass-produce it. The outside world speculated that it just wanted to promote the creativity of its own input method "Gboard". Unexpectedly, some netizens followed the keyboard provided by Google. Make the manual and code, and realize the Gboard stick successfully.

The foreign netizen shared his finished product on Reddit. There are 60 keys in total, and the length is longer than an electronic piano. After his PO was released, he also received enthusiastic responses, "super crazy" and "it was completed"; the original PO took advantage of the trend It took less than 1 second to record the time required to type 26 English letters.

gboard bar

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