The Nanshi Health Bureau called on the public to implement "patrol, pour, clean, and brush" to prevent the breeding of vector mosquitoes and eradicate dengue fever.

(Provided by Nanshi Health Bureau)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] One new case of dengue fever imported from abroad was confirmed in the East District of Tainan. It was a case imported from Southeast Asia. "Patrolling, pouring, cleaning, and brushing" prevents the breeding of vector mosquitoes and eliminates dengue fever.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that in 2023 there will be 5 cases of dengue fever imported from abroad, including 1 case in Hsinchu City, 1 case in Tainan City, 2 cases in Kaohsiung City, and 1 case in Pingtung County.

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The Health Bureau emphasized that it will continue to monitor and strictly prevent, and pointed out that due to the relaxation of border control measures in our country, the risk of dengue fever in the community has increased. It reminds citizens and friends that vases, potted plants and other containers should be changed frequently, and the inner walls should be cleaned regularly to avoid mosquito eggs. The environment continues to implement "patrolling, dumping, cleaning, and brushing" to prevent the breeding of vector mosquitoes and eliminate dengue fever.

If you have relevant symptoms, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible and actively inform TOCC (travel history, occupation history, contact history, group history) to facilitate early diagnosis and early prevention.

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