The children are fully equipped with surgical attire and experience the surgical equipment in the operating room. The nurses teach them to hand in the surgical scissors and tweezers correctly, and feel the situation in the operating room.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

[Reporter Cai Shuyuan/Taichung Report] Clarify that the Hong Kong branch of the hospital held the "Little Medical Angel Experience Camp" today. It is rare to enter the delivery room, surgery room and baby room, visit the baby's bath and breastfeeding, and wear a small doctor's gown throughout the process, talk to the doctor The uncle experienced the situation of seeing a doctor and having an operation, especially when he entered the operating room "fully armed", washed his hands, and put on a full set of surgical gowns. He was enthusiastic and curious about medical work. They all said that they would become nurses when they grow up, and some wanted to be doctors.

"Little Medical Angel Experience Camp" today 30 primary school students from grades 4 to 6 participated. Because the number of places is limited and free, it will be full within one day after accepting registration. The Nursing Department plans the most fulfilling and interesting activities for the children. Walk into the children's health clinic, listen to the doctor's uncle explain the meaning of the growth curve, also go to the baby room bathing area and milk foaming area to see the cute appearance of the baby, and visit the delivery room equipment to experience the greatness of mother's childbirth.

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When the children visited the baby room, under the guidance of the head nurse, they experienced helping the baby to dress and pack diapers. The children were so novel and excited that they tried it cautiously.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

What children are most interested in is "fully armed" to enter the surgery room. The hospital specially planned an empty surgery room. Two senior nurses will lead the children to perform the standard practice of hand brushing, brushing hands clean, wearing hair caps, surgical masks, and isolation gowns, teach children how to correctly deliver surgical scissors and forceps, and experience the situation in the operating room.

In order to allow children to experience the medical situation more closely, 30 elementary school students were divided into 4 groups, and the method of small class and large contact was adopted. Each station was led by a nurse. When the doctor introduced that the human body has 206 bones, the children felt very happy. Surprised, Xinqi asked which bone was the hardest in the body and whether each bone could be touched; when visiting the baby room, the children experienced helping the baby to dress and wrap diapers under the guidance of the head nurse. The children tried carefully.

Zhou Siyuan, the general director of Clarification Hospital, said at the welcome ceremony that by holding such an event, he hoped that health knowledge would take root, and that children would develop the concept of protecting themselves and respecting others' bodies from an early age, bringing these experiences back to their families and schools, and bringing some The knowledge of medical care is expanded, and the care of the medical staff is also appreciated.

The children who completed the "Little Medical Angel Experience Camp" will receive a certificate of completion. The photo on the certificate is wearing a doctor's uniform. Everyone's joy is written on their faces. Thank you for clarifying the hospital's activities and getting substantial medical work during the winter vacation experience.

The little doctor experienced the consultation and auscultated very carefully.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

The children participated in the little medical angel experience camp, put on white robes and began to experience medical work.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

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