After the young male protagonist,

Big M Krittarit,

was terminated by an agency like Channel 7 due to the famous news lottery tip knot. 


, Big M

has posted a picture of himself returning to Channel 7 to meet with the adults and brothers and sisters in Channel 7, along with a touching message about this old house. 

"No matter what life has been through

Family members are the first ones who love and are always by our side.

From that day until today that I stepped out of the house

All my brothers and sisters have always loved and encouraged me.

Today I received very good advice.

and blessings from all adults that I love

Including a lot of Channel 7HD brothers and sisters.

I admit that I was disappointed..

Because I miss the times when we have shared the suffering and happiness together

But after seeing the smiles and welcomes of all the elders, I realized that

We haven't gone anywhere.

We are always in everyone's hearts… Thank you Channel 7 fans too. One day I will come back to everyone. HOME IS ALWAYS HOME CH7HD"