Apple is a great technology company, but it also has failed products.


Apple is definitely one of the most valuable technology companies today, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Apple Watch and other product lines are market leaders, but even so, Apple has a dark history, foreign media MacRumors inventory Apple The 7 most failed products of all time.

MacRumors named 7 failed products of Apple, including Apple III, Apple Lisa, Apple Newton, Macintosh TV, Pippin, 20th Anniversary Macintosh, and Power Mac G4 Cube.

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Introduced in 1980, the Apple III was launched in 1980. Jobs asked not to install a fan. As a result, the computer was prone to overheating, forcing the earliest models to be recycled. This fatal mistake gave rival IBM a chance to take the lead. The Apple III was discontinued in 1984.

Apple Lisa was named after Jobs' daughter Lisa. Due to poor sales, it only sold 100,000 units from its launch in 1983 to 1986. It was also regarded as one of the failed products.

Apple III, marketed in 1,980.

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Apple Lisa, marketed in 1,983.

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In addition, Apple Newton, Macintosh TV and Pippin are representatives of Apple's attempt to enter PDA, TV and game consoles, but unfortunately they all ended in failure.

20th Anniversary Macintosh is the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh. It was built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Apple. Due to the high price and poor sales, Apple finally lowered the price rarely, but it angered those who bought it at the original price. Apple finally had to propose a compensation plan. Come to appease.

The Power Mac G4 Cube is a computer host with a cube design. It has also become a famous failure of Apple due to its poor design.

Although the above-mentioned products were rated as failures, these have an indelible and important position in the development history of Apple, and some of them have become hot collectibles because of their small production volume.

Apple Newton, first generation in the market since 1,983.

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Macintosh TV, launched in 1,993.

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Pippin, listed in 1,995.

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Power Mac G4 Cube, marketed in 2,000.

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20th Anniversary Macintosh, launched in 1,997.

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