Actress Angelababy has cooperated with the boutique brand Dior for many years, but in the middle of last month it was reported that the contract between the two parties would not be renewed. Less than a week later, Xinjiang goddess Di Lieba immediately took over as the brand ambassador.

Not only did the brand make a rare high-profile official announcement on 6 social platforms, but even the creative director personally forwarded the news, and the fanfare was well done, but the fans on both sides quarreled!

Di Lieba was photographed switching to Dior bags at the end of last year.

(Intercepted from Weibo)

Di Lieba used to be one of the spokespersons of the Louis Vuitton brand. Not only did she “hop” to become the brand ambassador of Dior China in the middle of last month, but the brand even invited her to the well-known photographer Brigitte Lacombe to shoot a set of fashion styles Blockbuster.

This group of blockbusters was released at the same time as the news that she became the spokesperson. In the picture, Di Lieba is wearing a handsome and neutral outfit to go abroad, and she is wearing a cross-body style with the brand's latest "Lady 95.22" handbag. The screen is deliberately drawn into black and white monochrome, the overall aura is full, fashionable and elegant.

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Di Lieba is the brand ambassador of Dior China.

(Intercepted from dior IG)

Di Lieba did not forget to post Dior's latest "95.22" handbag in the photos.

(Intercepted from Weibo)

Not only is the image blockbuster eye-catching, but Dior has rarely announced the good news of Di Lieba’s appointment on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest; Dior has cooperated with many Chinese artists in the past, but most of them only The official announcement will be made on Weibo, which is commonly used by Chinese people, and this time even Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of the brand, personally reposted Di Lieba's promotional video through the social platform, which shows that the brand attaches great importance to this cooperation.

Dior officially announced that Di Lieba became the spokesperson, and enthusiastic fans immediately compiled a beautiful report card.

(Intercepted from Weibo)

But these big moves are quite dazzling in the eyes of Angelababy's fans.

Not only are the two beautiful actresses inevitably being compared with each other, the arrangement that Angelababy has just resigned and Di Lieba immediately took over has also made many netizens think that Angelababy is "replaced", and many Di Lieba fans also have "I really slapped Reba in the face" and "killed every brand ambassador in front of me"; while Angelababy fans escorted and said "Don't force Baby to come in" and "It's Baby who didn't renew the contract on his own initiative." , "Is Angelababy better for nationality and fashion sense?"

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