Rakhi Sawant talks to paparazzi about husband Adil

New Delhi:

Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant's mother passed away recently, after which she was seen reacting to her relationship with husband Adil Khan.

Not only this, he had also talked about the breakdown of his married life.

Meanwhile, once again she has been seen expressing her pain in front of paparazzi.

In this video of Rakhi Sawant, she is seen getting spotted outside her gym, seeing which the fans are giving their reaction. 

Actress Rakhi Sawant was seen talking to paparazzi on husband Adil Durrani's affair.

During this, the actress said, 'I know my pain.

You people cannot know unless your daughter-in-law is with daughters.

you understand

Don't talk nonsense to me.

Bad happened to me, I came in front of you guys.

Fans are also giving their reaction on this video of the actress. 

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Apart from this, in the second video, the actress is seen saying that 'I told Adil that if you are true, then tell the truth in front of the media.

If you lie, I will immediately make everything viral.

But don't lie.

Yes, if you apologize, I will settle down with you.

If you call me a liar in front of the world, then I am not going to sit silent.

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Let me tell you, Rakhi Sawant recently made many serious allegations against her husband Adil Durrani.

At the same time, the actress had claimed that her 'marriage is in danger' as her husband is having an affair and he is refusing to leave those girls.

Not only this, Rakhi Sawant has also warned in front of paparazzi to show the video and photos of illegal relations as evidence. 

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