Chinese medicine practitioners suggest that when children have stomach pains, they should have a balanced diet and not overeat or overweight, eat less cold and irritating food, and pay attention to climate changes to avoid damage to the gastrointestinal system; the situation is as follows.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] When a child complains of stomach pain, parents are always worried and want to help the child relieve the pain.

Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that when a child has stomach pain, there are 4 things to pay attention to, including: pay attention to the child's eating status, do not eat cold and irritating food, pay attention to climate changes, and pay attention to changes in abdominal pain.

Lai Weizhen, a traditional Chinese medicine physician, posted on his Facebook fan page "Three Hundred Songs of Pediatrics-Lai Weizhen Chinese Medicine Physician", stating that the causes of stomach pain in children are generally classified into functional abdominal pain (smooth muscle spasm of the stomach) and syndrome (genetic or Emotions); and Chinese medicine can be divided into external and internal causes.

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For example, the external causes of abdominal pain, such as: cold weather, duodenal inflammation caused by not wanting to eat, bad mood, etc., may cause the child’s abdominal pain; Fairy physique, or premature birth, these are the reasons for abdominal pain caused by bad stomach.

Lai Weizhen said that since many innate things can no longer be changed, what needs to be done is to help children develop good habits: eat a balanced diet, eat everything, but not snacks and biscuits, and don’t get too full or hungry , can cause damage to the gastrointestinal system.

There should be intervals between meals and some light exercise after meals (such as taking a walk, walking around, or asking children to do some housework, mopping the floor, washing dishes), do not eat before going to bed, eat Don't beat and scold children at the right time and before going to bed.

Lai Weizhen also pointed out that when you have a stomachache, you should pay attention to the following 4 points:

●Don't eat if you are not hungry, even if you are very hungry, eat in small amounts.

● Do not eat cold or irritating food.

●Pay attention to climate change, do not let the abdomen catch cold.

●Observe every little thing that happened before and after abdominal pain in detail, and discuss it with the doctor when you see a doctor.

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