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The experts are definite – there is one sex position that will make a woman scream with pleasure.

We've already piqued your curiosity, haven't we?

It has been identified as the best sex position for women because it increases the pleasure a woman experiences during sex, as well as the likelihood of having an orgasm.

However, most women have hardly tried it, it is similar to missionary, but with a secret movement.

Sex positions for safe orgasm

And here's exactly what you should do next time:

The man should slide forward towards you with his shoulders level with your head.

You shouldn't feel his movements like he's "poking" you into your pelvis, but rather gently "grinding" you like you're a precious stone.

It doesn't sound genius in theory, but try the pose in practice and then we'll talk again.

The good thing about these movements is that they provide more stimulation to the clitoris, which is a sure way to orgasm for most ladies.