After the rising star

Lee Jae Wook

from the ALCHEMY OF SOULS series flew to Thailand on February 2, 2023. Recently, Lee Jae Wook attended a press conference to meet the media and fans on July 3. Wed. 2023 at 2nd floor, ICONSIAM PARK, Icon Siam Shopping Center

At this event, in addition to greeting in Thai "Hello, this is Lee Jae Wook" clearly, young master Lee Jae Wook opened his heart about the fan meeting "2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING <FIRST> IN. BANGKOK” by organizer 247 ENTERTAINMENT

Which will be held tomorrow (February 4) and tickets are sold out quickly.

He also revealed that he came to Thailand for the first time that he really liked Thai food, especially Tom Yum Kung.

Arrived immediately and hurried to eat.

along with begging by saying "I love you" in Thai, which triggers a scream from Ichimo

(Name of Lee Jae Wook's fan club) thundered throughout the event.

Before revealing the work of the hot series ALCHEMY OF SOULS and loud screams again when talking about working with a partner like the crown prince

Or the young actor

Shin Seung Ho,

plus this work also sees familiar faces.

Like Shin Seung Ho, standing on the side of the stage as well.

It also reveals the type of girl you like.

which he said

Personally, I'm a person who has fun all the time.

Therefore, I want someone who can match with this place, be bright and have fun together.

Before ending with Lee Jae Wook's cute pose

and called a full scream

when the young master walked in to greet the fans

who come to wait to scream at the full event

Really impressive ending

For those who have a fan meeting ticket

Get ready to have fun at KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theater.