In the academic year 2022/2023, the process of entering and initial approval of information about the students of the graduating class of general education institutions by those educational institutions into the state electronic information system "Student-graduate" is about to be completed.

According to the information provided to APA by the State Examination Center, 98,603 (99.82%) of the 98,777 students (99.82%) were students, and 144,585 of the 145,061 students were submitted to the general secondary education level (IX class). (99.67%) of students, data on 2802 (99.87%) students out of 2834 people submitted by vocational education institutions for the full secondary education level were included in the "Student-graduate" state electronic information system.

Taking into account that there is little time left for the graduation exams, we bring to the attention of the heads and coordinators of the general education institutions where the students study, that the information of the students of the graduation class should be entered into the system in a timely, correct and complete manner.

Also, the parents of those students were asked to get the identity document for their children and submit it to the school on time.