I have been here before.

I know the Karabakh region well.

I have been here a lot on business trips.

I have passed the Lachin-Khankendi road a lot.

What Armenians are doing is wrong.

These words were told by 79-year-old Zhvanenko Ivan Maksimovich, a representative of the Russian Community of Azerbaijan, to APA's correspondent sent to Shusha.

According to him, President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly appealed to local Armenians and declared that they can live in these areas as citizens of Azerbaijan and benefit from all social and other guarantees.

"People like Vardanyan deliberately incite events.

He wants to come from Russia and start a riot here.

They extract gold from our land and exploit it.

This is not the right move.

Let Vardanyan return and live in Russia, where he used to be a citizen.

People like him do not give the right direction to the local Armenians.

We need to explain the situation to the local Armenians through television and radio.

They should understand that they will live more comfortably as citizens of Azerbaijan."

The representative of the Russian Community of Azerbaijan noted that every citizen of Azerbaijan should protect the environment: "Our trees are cut down, our land and minerals are exploited.

We object to it.

This action should continue until the demands are met."