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Modern women increasingly show qualities such as purposefulness and efficiency.

Many of them are in a hurry to make a successful career and realize themselves.

It is true that in relations with men, excessive initiative can only harm.

Psychologist-sexologist Dr. Anastasia Panova told how a lady should behave in order to interest the representative of the stronger sex.

"According to the specialist, you cannot 'pull the blanket towards you' - this way you can easily push the man away.

It is still dominant in nature.

So it is better to leave him the right to make decisions.

The initiative is possible for the man.

It's better to do it without pressure," explains the sexologist.

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“A perfect example is let's say a trip.

You will go somewhere, but where, when, with what, where you will stay - let the man decide.

That way he will feel important, and he will have the feeling that we have done something important for you," Panova gave an example, quoted by "Struma".

"If you are dating a man for the first time, but you want to have further meetings, it is important to follow three specific rules," says the sexologist.

First, you must be sincere and honest.

You don't have to wear a mask and pretend to be something you're not.

It's important to position yourself the way you feel.

Also, don't give advice or recommendations unless asked (especially on a first date).

Respect the man's opinion and actions.

Otherwise, there will be no wedding.

And the third rule is to show interest in your partner.

The expert explained that in order to start dating, it is important to choose the right place and setting. 

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For example, it is important for you that a man likes to read, you can go to look for your prince in a bookstore or an exhibition.

There you can start a conversation about certain books and therefore get to know each other.

The specialist even gave practical advice on how to start communication.

For example, you are in a bookstore and you cannot get a tome from a high shelf - ask a man to help.

Here you can ask about his book preferences.

Much the same can be done in the gallery.

For example, you admire the same work.

This is a good time to ask why she likes this type of man.

The same applies to communication on the Internet.

Before you message a person, it's best to research their profile and interests first.

If you are interested in something in general, feel free to start a conversation on this topic.