On Valentine's Day, choose a beautiful restaurant to have a big meal, stay for one night, and leave good memories!

Chengyi Cultural Tourism invites tourists to show their marriage certificates. The longer the marriage, the more cost-effective. Taipei Far East Shangri-La directly lives in the presidential suite and enjoys the luxurious service of movie theater reservations. There is also a Ferris wheel ride coupon from Taipei Beifu Hotel. Hand in hand to enjoy the romantic night view There are also a lot of discounts on board and lodging, so hurry up and arrange a sweet date.

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Regent takes the sightseeing bus for free to enjoy the Lantern Festival at Bib Gourmand, and Lizhi presents speaker lanterns for free

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The minimum room type for the specified room type on Chengyi Cultural Tourism Valentine’s Day is 0 yuan

In order to seize the first wave of sweet moments in early 2023, this year Chengyi Cultural Tourism launched the housing project "You get married and I entertain you", inviting old couples who have been married for many years to have a romantic outing!

The project is open for reservations from now until 2/7, and the stay period is from 2/7 to 2/16. It is applicable to the sixth hotel of Chengyi Cultural Hotel in Taiwan, which has won the "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel Champion" for four consecutive times. Tan Riyue, the champion of the most beautiful room, can also be used.

Different housing discounts are available according to the year of marriage. For example, the double room of Chengyi Culture Hotel Tamsui Hair, Taichung Bird Day and Hualien Mountain Knows that the discounted price for couples who have been married for less than 7 years starts at 1,573 yuan, and the discounted price for couples who have been married for 8 to 23 years is 1,451 yuan. The preferential price for couples who have been married for 24 to 38 years is 1,314 yuan.

If you want to stay in a four-person room, you can check in at a discounted rate starting from 1,799 yuan. You can enjoy the preferential price for a designated room by showing your marriage certificate. For details, please visit the official website of Yicheng Hotel: https://hotelday.com.tw/202302valentine / .

Chiayi Taocheng Chaxiang Guyu Standard Double Room.

(Photo/Provided by Chengyi Cultural Tourism)

Dazhi Indigo stays in a 18-ping suite and gives a lover package

Valentine's Day on February 14 is coming soon. From now until February 15, Indigo Taipei will launch the "Love You for a Long Time Valentine's Holiday". If you stay in an 18-ping exquisite suite, you will get 2 free Valentine's Package worth 3,999 yuan per guest , Meals include Six Ways French meals such as Wellington steak, unlimited refills of sparkling wine, and energetic buffet breakfast for two, regardless of weekdays and holidays, can be enjoyed romantically from 13,999 yuan per room per night, and you can also enjoy delayed refund the next day Room until 3:00 p.m., to help you warm up your love and "live"!

Reservation hotline: 02-3518-7724, reservation hotline: 02-3518-7778.

Stay in the 18-ping exquisite suite of Dazhi Indigo and enjoy the beauty of the city.

(Photo/Provided by Taipei Dazhi Indigo)

Taipei Dazhi Indigo offers a lover's set meal, enjoying both sea and land, and warming up love.

(Photo/Provided by Taipei Dazhi Indigo)

Far East Shangri-La's Most Luxurious Presidential Suite

Luxury accommodation in the presidential suite is a no-brainer!

Far East Shangri-La, Taipei has launched a limited-time lover housing project from now until March 14. Three room types are available for lovers to choose from. Among them, the most luxurious "Always Love‧Lifetime Love" housing project starts from 131,400 yuan per night, and you can stay in the presidential suite. Including romantic balloons and flower arrangement, sumptuous breakfast, Horizon Club VIP reception and movie theater booking service, it is very suitable for marriage proposals, couples in love or couples who pay attention to festival rituals.

Taipei Far East Shangri-La Lover Housing Project - Presidential Suite, from 131,400 yuan per night.

(Photo/Provided by Far East Shangri-La, Taipei)

On February 14th, Marco Polo Italian Restaurant, which is famous for its high-rise landscape, launched a limited six-course set menu for Valentine’s Day, “Sweet Love Marco”. Order for two people and get a free bottle of French slightly sweet pink sparkling wine, RMB 3,980+10% per person , you can also add 800 yuan per person to designate window seats in the Marco Polo Lounge, overlooking Taipei 101, and enjoy the invincible scenery. Seats are limited and sold out.

Not only romantic meals for lovers, but The Cake Room on the first floor also presents two sweet Valentine's Day cakes "Pink Angel" and "Bear I Love You" for lovers, each 1,580 yuan, advance reservation is required.

For details or restaurant reservations, please contact: 02-7711-2080.

Reservation hotline 02-2376-3266.

Marco Polo Italian Restaurant "Xiang Lian Marco" Valentine's Day limited set menu starts at RMB 3,980 per person.

(Photo/Provided by Far East Shangri-La, Taipei)

Enjoy the romantic night view of Dazhi and ride the Ferris wheel at Meifu Hotel

Taipei Meifu Hotel presents a romantic gift. From now on, it will launch the "Love 2023 Love in Meifu" meal and accommodation discount, offering the "Romantic Romance" lover's set meal at GMT Italian Restaurant, enjoying fresh Wagyu beef or stewed seafood from Tuscany Cuisine, RMB 3,280 + 10% per set.

Romantic light travel for two can also be arranged. The "Royal Lover's Dream" accommodation project can stay in a top-level room worth more than 10,000 yuan, share a lover's set meal at an Italian restaurant, take a romantic ride on the Miramar Ferris Wheel, and book a designated room type and enjoy free upgrades, special price From RMB 9,999 + 10% per room.

To sweeten the heart of another partner, Moment café & bakery has launched two romantic desserts, "Angel of Love" and "Meixiang Xinyi", each starting at 320 yuan. For details and reservations, please contact 02-7722-3399 to transfer to various restaurants or make reservations center.

Meifu GMT Italian Restaurant launched the Valentine's Day set menu of "Romance and Romance".

(Photo/provided by Meifu Hotel)

Free red wine at Leofoo Residence and Courtyard by Marriott

Equipped with the happy atmosphere of Valentine's Day, Leofoo Residence launched the "Valentine's Day Housing Project" at a price of 5,299 yuan. In addition to a stay and a meal, a bottle of selected red wine and a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses and flowers worth 1,999 yuan from Yili Manor were given to support the feelings.

If you want to have a candlelight dinner, from now until February 14th, the Courtyard by Marriott Taipei will also launch the "Valentine's Day One Lodging, Two Meals" priced at 6,888 yuan. In addition to the buffet breakfast and a bottle of selected red wine, you can also enjoy The Lounge during your stay "Zhenqing Jiujiu" meal for two at the bar, the main course is "Grilled Shanhe Farm Natural Beef Sirloin and Grilled Boston Lobster with Garlic Cream" as the main course. This set meal is also available from February 10th to February 14th. The price per seat is 2,099 yuan + 10%.

Courtyard by Marriott Taipei's "Valentine's Day One Lodging, Two Meals" is priced at RMB 6,888.

(Photo/provided by Luk Fook Travel Group)

For guests who do not need accommodation or lover meals, Courtyard by Marriott Lukfook will hold the "Crash Landing of Love" on February 12, which will combine hand-made flower arrangement courses with afternoon tea fellowship. The fee starts at RMB 1,299 per person.

Yili Bakery also carefully selects seasonal strawberries and launches a strawberry rose tower priced at 860 yuan. Yili Manor offers two types of flower bouquets. The price of specially selected roses, bellflowers, and round-leaf eucalyptus starts at 1,680 yuan. More information can be found in

Taipei Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Official Website: http://www.courtyardtaipei.com.tw/zh-TW/.

Leofoo Residence launched the "Valentine's Day Housing Project" priced at 5,299 yuan, one stay, one meal and a rose flower bouquet.

(Photo/provided by Luk Fook Travel Group)

Howard Plaza Hotel offers sparkling wine in person

From now on, Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, headed by Chef Wu Zhenghan from the dim sum shop, will launch the "Je t'aime" lover with white chocolate vanilla mousse as the main body, Taiwanese local red guava jelly and caramel banana cream The festival dessert cake, Je t'aime means I love you in French, with a sweet pink coat, it is a magic weapon for shining and winning!

Taipei Fuhua will also invite you who love to shine on February 14th. While enjoying the delicious food at the Rainbow Seat Buffet Parkway, you will take photos of Fangshan in person and upload them, and you will be presented with Rose Moss full of rose fragrance and apple sweetness A bottle of Cardo sparkling wine, service hotline: 02-27002323 transfer to each restaurant.

Je t'aime's Valentine's Day dessert cake is 799 yuan, and the vanilla chocolate mousse made with red guava, a local ingredient in Taiwan, opens up the sweet and delicious light.

(Photo/Provided by Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei)

Bartending set for two lovers 888 yuan + 10%.

(Photo/Provided by Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei)

Humble House Emmy Valentine's Day cake for two 20% off

Aiming at the romantic business opportunities of Western Valentine’s Day, the Chocolate Gallery of Le Méridien Taipei will launch two special cakes from now until March 11. The "Treasure Rabbit" tiramisu cake with the theme of the Year of the Rabbit is 220 yuan each , and the "Lock Your Heart" Valentine's Day cake full of love is 220 yuan each. From now until February 28, you can enjoy a 20% discount if you buy two cakes at the same time, giving your lover a unique sweet surprise.

For details and reservations, please contact Lemeridien (02) 6622-8018 or the official website www.lemeridien-taipei.com.

"Lock Your Heart" Valentine's Day Cake and "Rabbit Treasure" Tiramisu Cake at Chocolate Gallery of Le Méridien Taipei.

(Photo/Provided by Ai Li of My Humble House)

Humble House Elle Semi-buffet Feast, Valentine's Day Drinks

To seize business opportunities during the festive season, Humble House Ellie Hotel romantically created the "Ai Lian Xin Xin" Western Valentine's Day catering event.

La Farfalla Italian Restaurant launched a semi-buffet dinner on February 14th at 2,800 yuan + 10% per person, and you can add two glasses of Valentine's Day special mix at a discounted price of 600 yuan + 10%.

When a single purchase is over 6,000 yuan (inclusive), a well-known brand SABON fragrance maintenance gift "Scented Mango and Kiwi Fruit Body Lotion 200ml" will be given as a gift, while supplies last.

The Terrace lobby bar will launch a 2-hour unlimited drink event on Valentine's Day from now until March 31. The price for two people is only 1,599 yuan + 10%.

Guests with ID card numbers 2, 1, and 4 can spend unlimited amount in restaurants or bars in February, and get two glasses of beer, worth 500 yuan + 10%.

Valentine's Day Italian-style semi-buffet feast at La Farfalla Italian Restaurant of "Ai Lian Xin Xin" in My Humble House.

(Photo/Provided by Ai Li of My Humble House)

Eslite Travel Sea and Land Lover's Feast

eslite hotel spends a romantic Valentine's night with the exclusive night view of Xinyi District!

During the three days of 2/11, 2/12 and 2/14, the "Tibetan Love|Lover Set Menu" will be launched at the restaurant In Between on the second floor, starting from 2,500 yuan + 10% per person, and the five-course sea and land dishes will be carefully designed by the chef Feast, including two appetizers, soup, main course and dessert. The main course offers two gorgeous delicacies to choose from. The first one is the "U.S. Top Ribeye Steak 5oz" with rich aroma, and there is also a sea tide umami "Deep Sea Grouper|Hokkaido Scallop|Saffron Sauce", and the dessert after the meal is "Mascarpone Berry Cake", which symbolizes the heart-to-heart relationship.

Reservation Hotline: 02-6626-2882 In Between Restaurant, for more information, please contact the official website www.eslitehotel.com.

The restaurant In Between offers a five-course "Tibetan Lover Set Menu". The main course offers a choice of top American ribeye steak or deep-sea grouper.

(Photo/Provided by Eslite Travel)

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