Wu Yunyi, Chairman of the Taipei Book Fair Foundation (from left), Li Mingcong, the curator, Shi Zhe, Minister of Culture, and Zheng Shuncong, a Taiwanese writer, took a group photo at the theme night of "Listen to Strange Sounds".

(Taipei Book Fair Foundation) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] The 2023 Taipei International Book Fair hosted by the Ministry of Culture will be held on January 31. Shi Zhe, who took over as Minister of Culture on the same day as the book fair, has been buying books and participating in lectures at the book fair for several days. Support the publishing industry.

Today (3) Shi Zhe participated in the lecture "From Novel to Film: The Fantastic Journey of "The Defender of the Eight-foot Gate"" lecture by Tang Furui, the first prize winner of the Book Fair Award for Fiction, to affirm and encourage the cross-domain development of cultural content; in the evening, he attended "Listening Different Sounds" themed night event.

Shi Zhe invited the public to take advantage of the last weekend to visit the book fair and enter the multiverse of reading experience with five senses.

The theme night of the book fair today (3rd), the curator Li Mingcong took "Listening to Different Voices" as the theme, hoping that in this era of free expression but also noisy, we can temporarily withdraw from the irritability and practice slow gazing with readers And listen carefully.

The event invites Taiwanese writer Zheng Shuncong, Taiwanese Hakka anchor Chen Mingzhu, Amis singer Schumien, Vietnamese director Ruan Jinhong, Japanese filmmaker Chie Tanaka, Taiwanese sign language anchor Wang Xiaoshu, and Polish poet Marzanna Bogumila Kielar to speak in their native languages. Read aloud selected poems, lyrics or passages of articles, and share your views with live readers.

With the sound of reading aloud, accompanied by Yang Zhiling's animation, Shen Xuanxuan's music and Li Xiufen's dance, it was a feast for the five senses. Polish poet Marzanna Bogumila Kielar couldn't help but say, "This is not just a book fair, but art."

Minister of Culture Shi Zhe read aloud the article "The Room That Sees Snow" published by Lin Dayang, who is widely loved in both poetry and prose, published in "Little Days" in February 2021.

(Taipei Book Fair Foundation) Minister of Culture Shi Zhe also read aloud the article "The Room That Sees Snow" published by Lin Dayang, who is widely loved in both poetry and prose, in "Little Days" in February 2021. Lin Dayang is the master map of Kaohsiung City Library Directors, in addition to promoting reading, also help promote and accompany the young director system. This article describes the love and belief of writers for creation, no matter how hard it is, they are happy.

Shi Zhe said that words are the incarnation of thought, while reading aloud and sound are the most primitive and precious. Through sound and facial expressions, we can begin to learn language and then understand words.

Shi Zhe especially thanked all the creators with the "joy of bitterness" in the article, "because the words that the creators suffer from loneliness are actually to help us settle down."

The Ministry of Culture pointed out that since the opening of this year’s Taipei International Book Fair on January 31, the number of visitors has been quite enthusiastic. Tomorrow (4) the opening hours will also be extended to 10 p.m., and the Polish night of the theme country will bring music and traditional Polish food "Hunter Stew" uses music and food to interact and communicate with the people on site. Welcome everyone to take advantage of the last weekend to visit.

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