Contestant Nan Gengjin (left) of the Netflix program "Peak of Physical Fitness" bumped into Jay Chou and sparked heated discussions.

(Reposted from Nan Geng's IG and Weibo)

〔Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report〕Netflix Korea's live-action competition variety show "The Peak of Physical Fitness" focuses on the squid game, recruiting 100 experts in various sports fields, and those who successfully pass the level will win 300 million won ).

One of the contestants accidentally bumped into the face of Jay Chou, a 99% high similarity, which caused a heated discussion.

Nan Gengjin was named "Fat Jay Chou" by netizens.

(Reposted from Nan Gengjin IG)

The contestants of this program include outstanding people in different fields, including bodybuilders, national representatives, fitness KOLs, fighters and so on.

Among them, the contestant who hit Jay Chou's face was named Nam Kyung Jin (南宁鐎), a Korean wrestler who represented South Korea in the 2014 and 2018 Asian Games and won the men's 125KG wrestling competition and took down the bronze medal.

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Nan Gengjin was named "Fat Jay Chou" by netizens because of his 100-jin figure and his body-like face. He is also a fitness KOL and has 17,000 followers on IG. Netizens also commented, "This The similarity, maybe even Kun Ling was dumbfounded?", "Did Jay Chou develop a giant body to participate in the war?".

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