Olena Zelenska

met with the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who is in Ukraine on a working visit.

They discussed the topic of overcoming orphanhood and the introduction of family forms of education.

The first lady published photos from their meeting on Instagram.

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

"One of the conditions for joining the EU for us is the rejection of orphanages. They must be replaced by family upbringing. Like many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine inherited a system of large residential institutions for children and adults. This is a remnant of the Soviet system. Practically all states - our neighbors went through this path during the acquisition of membership in the European Union. So today we have examples of best practices, we understand which steps were successful," Olena said.

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

The first lady also added that this is a double challenge for Ukraine, because the transition from the residential system to family forms of education must be carried out during the war, which was unleashed by Russia. 

"We have to simultaneously save children from Russian missiles and from living in orphanages. These children need peace, security and a family. And not once, but now," she said.

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

At the meeting, Zelenska appeared in a khaki blouse with a bow tie and black straight pants.

She complemented the outfit with neat styling, gentle makeup and golden hoop earrings.

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

Von der Leyen was dressed in a cinnamon-colored jacket, a white shirt and black pants.

To the lapel, Ursula attached the flags of Europe and Ukraine, and a round trident icon in the "wreath of EU stars".

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

We will remind, Olena Zelenska in a white knitted turtleneck and a gray suit met with architectural students.

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