According to the information of "Beraście Vyasna", on January 23, a court session was held in the case of

Anatoly Pugach

, who has been in pre-trial detention center-6 for more than a month.

The defense asked for a change in the measure of restraint for the sick man.

Judge Iryna Pavlovska rejected the complaint and refused to change the measure of restraint to at least house arrest - the argument against it was the fact that Anatoly Pugach has a Polish residence permit.

28-year-old Anatoly Pugach was detained in mid-December 2022, almost immediately after returning from Poland.

The man came to Belarus to undergo an examination: he was diagnosed with cancer.

At first, Anatoly Pugach was sentenced to administrative arrest for "dissemination of extremist materials" (Article 19.11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), but before the end of the term of arrest, he was charged under the criminal article for "insulting Lukashenka" (Article 368 of the Criminal Code) and placed in custody.