The Swift 14 thin and light notebook is upgraded in performance and maintains its thinness and lightness. The price is 50,900 yuan and it will be launched in mid-February.

(Photo by reporter Wu Peihua)

Acer released a number of topical new products at the 2023 CES last month. In response to the start of the school season, seven new products were launched immediately. Among them, Swift 14 is the first thin and light notebook in Taiwan after Acer changed its naming strategy.

Acer Predator Helios 16/Predator Helios 18 are equipped with a 16:10 large screen, which makes playing games more enjoyable.

It will go on sale in late February, with prices starting at 104,900 yuan.

In order to make the naming more clear, Acer notebooks have changed to "size" as the name since this year. The 14-inch Swift 14 is positioned as the mainstream thin and light notebook, that is, the past Swift 5, and it is replaced with the 13th generation Intel Core standard voltage processor. , to further improve performance, and made of aerospace-grade aluminum, the weight is only 1.2 kg, and the thickness is 1.495 cm, maintaining a thin and light appearance.

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The eKinekt BD 3 Cool Riding Desk combines an exercise bike and a desk design, which can be pedaled to generate electricity.

The pre-order price is 26,888 yuan, and it is expected to arrive in April.

Simultaneously launched new products include gaming laptop Predator Helios 16/Predator Helios 18, gaming desktop computer Predator Orion 7000 (PO7-650), and gaming monitor Predator X32FP, aggressively attacking gamers.

In order to strengthen the product line of life science and technology, Acer Halo Swing, a smart speaker, eKinekt BD 3, which combines exercise bike and desk, and Acer ES Series3, an electric scooter, were also launched.

Among them, the Acer eKinekt BD 3 Cool Riding Desk sparked discussions after its debut at 2023 CES. In addition to being an exercise bike, it is also designed in combination with a desk. When the pedals are turned, the kinetic energy can be converted into electricity, and continuous riding at 60RPM It takes 1 hour to generate about 75 watts of self-generated electricity, which can charge laptops and other devices, which means that you can work, exercise and generate electricity at the same time.