Uni-President Department Store Taipei Branch joined hands with Lego to invite the public to enjoy the lantern together.

Uni-President Department Store joins hands with LEGO Year of the Rabbit to enjoy online AR lantern viewing

The 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival is held in Taipei. Uni-President Times Department Store Taipei Store joins hands with Lego to enjoy the lantern "Rabbit Music", and creates "Lego® Plays to Welcome the Year of the Rabbit" at Dream Square on the 2nd floor. Launched the online AR lantern viewing event for the first time, using augmented reality to experience the Lego Rabbit scene, whether it is a bunny Lego doll riding a jet plane, a happy God of Wealth red envelopes flying all over the sky, or a romantic sky lantern. The event starts from now until 2 The Lantern Festival will end on the 19th, and there will be surprises during the day and night.

(Text/Reporter Liu Yaxian)

Jingzhan Fashion Plaza launched a number of activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

Beijing Railway Station celebrates the Lantern Festival with free drinks, collects stamps and draws mobile phones

In response to this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei, Jingzhan Fashion Plaza has launched a number of activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival. From now until February 19, in designated theme restaurants Yilu Express, Jing Tangshao, and Heyahh, show the icon of "Jingzhan Celebrating Lantern Festival" (screenshot , taking pictures), you can enjoy a free cup of designated drink when you spend the full amount, and you can participate in the lucky draw if you collect the designated electronic stamp of the Lantern Festival. The biggest prize is the iPhone 14 Pro mobile phone.

(Text/Reporter Qiu Qiaozhen)

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Taiwan Lego teamed up with wave flower to create a dreamy flower wall.

LEGO Café Flash Mob Romantic Flower Wall in Xinyi District Must Shot

The Valentine's Day limited "LEGO Floral Coffee House" will pop up in Xinyi District from now until February 14.

Taiwan LEGO teamed up with Spray Flower Art to create a dreamy LEGO Botanical Cafe in the outdoor area on the first floor of Xinyi Eslite with the new products "Wildflower Bouquet" and "Dried Flower Decoration", adding a romantic atmosphere.

People who complete the designated task of taking pictures and clocking in can get Polaroid commemorative photos and celebrate the festival with their significant other.

(Text/Reporter Guo Xuanxuan)