In order to gradually pay off the debt left by the fire, Paper Windmill worked hard to accept commercial performances in addition to public welfare projects. The picture shows that during the Chinese New Year, it was invited to perform "Adventures in the Sweet Potato Forest" in Penghu.

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[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Having survived the fire and the three-year epidemic, the Paper Pinwheel Troupe, which celebrates its 31st anniversary this year, announced its plans for 2023 activities and performances yesterday. In addition to the 170 performances of the three major public welfare projects, it is to pay off The 40 million borrowed from the bank due to the fire will also continue to seek cooperation from county and city governments and enterprises, and participate in the promotion of art festivals and events in various places, including ticket sales and commercial performances. It is estimated that the annual target will be 300 performances. In the brand new 1 year, we will speed up and work harder for the children's smiles.

Hakka parent-child drama "Rain Horse" will be performed in Hsinchu in March.

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Zhang Minyi, CEO of Pinwheel, and Ren Jiancheng, who were invited to perform in Penghu during the Spring Festival, led by Li Yuan (Ono), chairman of the Pinwheel Cultural and Educational Foundation, had a spring talk with the media yesterday and explained the preparations for major plans in 2023 .

Among them, the "368 township and urban children's art project" has completed 311 townships so far, and there are still 57 townships that have not been completed. This year, 50 games are expected to be held. It is expected to complete 368 townships within 2 years, including Kinmen, Taitung and the outlying islands. Rural performances in Pingtung and other counties and cities; "Paper Pinwheel Taiwan Rural Truck Art Project" will continue to go deep into rural areas with new art trucks and team new drama codes. This year's goal is 60 performances; "Paper Pinwheel Youth Anti-drug Drama Project" is also expected to In addition to going to 14 schools in Penghu, an outlying island, in view of the development of information flow among schoolchildren in recent years, the risk of children's exposure to drugs has increased significantly, and a new elementary school version of the performance will also be added.

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The 368 township and urban children's art project has been going for 11 years, and it is hoped that it will be completed in the next 2 years.

The picture shows the performance of "Paper Windmill Fantasia" at Taitung Chishang last year.

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In addition to the three public welfare projects, there is another "Paper Windmill Performing Arts Center", which is supported by the Pingtung County Government to cultivate local drama talents and serve more local children. In 2022, a total of 51 drama talents will be trained. , this year, the second stage of courses and performances will be held. I hope that these students will use the drama knowledge and skills they have learned to develop Pingtung local theater troupes to serve more local children in the future.

After the paper windmill warehouse was hit by Zhu Rong in 2020, it shouldered 50 million debts. After more than two years of hard work in accepting commercial performances and promoting ticket sales, there are currently more than 40 million debts. The debtor will not run away, but will try to run hard with the paper pinwheel, and work hard to receive commercial performances. It is also expected to launch a new play "Wu Ding Around the World III" this year, and sell tickets on the city stage that will be reopened soon show.

In addition, the outdoor large-scale dramas "Rain Horse" and "Where the Dragon Palace" were specially produced during the epidemic. From March 17th to 19th, with the support of the Hakka Committee, they went to Hsinchu County to perform "Rain Horse".

The restart of international exchanges after the epidemic is also expected to start in Europe, Singapore, the United States, Australia and other countries. It is expected to go to different countries or art festivals every year, so that the world can see parent-child drama performances belonging to Taiwanese culture.

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