Having lived in Vienna for 19 years, conductor Liao Jiahong will pour the rich historical and cultural connotations of Vienna into the concert.

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[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Mozart left quite a lot of works in his legendary life, including concertos, chamber music, solos, orchestral works, religious music, operas and symphonies, etc. Among them, "Jupiter" It is the last symphony (No. 41) in Mozart's numbering. Later generations named it "Jupiter", the main god of Roman mythology, which shows its majestic momentum.

The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra will perform this piece at the Central Theater of the National Taichung Opera House on the evening of February 11, inviting Liao Jiahong, who has lived in Vienna for 19 years, as the conductor.

Taiwanese young violinist Ding Zhangyuan will perform Brahms’ Violin Concerto in D Major.

(Provided by the State Council)

"China-Taiwan Exchange" pointed out that in the second half of the 2022/23 music season starting from February, many moving and timeless famous songs will be released to share with music lovers.

In addition to inviting Liao Jiahong to conduct Mozart's "Jupiter", the young violinist Ding Zhangyuan was also invited to perform Brahms' "Violin Concerto in D Major", which is known as the third major violin concerto in the violin world. The songs are very popular among music fans.

Ding Zhangyuan won the second place in the Brahms International Music Competition and the special award for the best interpretation of Brahms' works, and studied at the Vienna State University of Music and Performing Arts. Baptism, I believe there will be bright sparks in this concert with China and Taiwan.

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