The sports giant Adidas is most well-known to the public for its retro classic style "Originals" and the "Sport Performance" product line for professional sports. Launched a new trademark "Sportswear", and invited the popular actress Jenna Ortega (Jenna Ortega) and NBA star Trae Young (Trae Young) who became popular all over the world because of her performance in the Ada family album "Wednesday" to put on the new design, performing trendy style.

Jenna Ortega is an athletic girl.

(provided by the brand)

Jenna Ortega is well-known to the audience for her dark gothic style in "Wednesday". This time, she put on a full set of adidas "three lines" suit, and played a triangular avatar sports girl in the short film.

Her look comes from the debut design of the brand's new trademark Sportwear; this iconic "Tracksuit" sports suit was originally favored by the football star "German Emperor" Franz Beckenbauer in the 1960s. It has become popular all over the world. In addition to retaining the material characteristics of sportswear, this re-launch also uses neat tailoring and color matching to enhance the practicality and versatility of daily wear, making this suit not just "sportswear" but more Satisfy the various life scenes of the young generation in their daily life.

The black suit worn by Jenna Ortega is made of jelly material to present the classic three-line makeup, and the trousers are designed with double trousers to add a full sense of fashion.

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Jenna Ortega is an athletic girl.

(provided by the brand)

Trae Young showed a playful and lively side off the court.

(provided by the brand)

adidas launches a new Sportswear series (provided by the brand)

The new sports suit uses design details to add a sense of fashion.

(provided by the brand)

In addition to enriching the monochromatic shape with different materials, a black and purple color scheme is also launched in the series, and three "AVRYN" sneakers are simultaneously launched.

This running shoe combines BOOST and Bounce midsoles to provide a lightweight and elastic foot feel. With the addition of bright orange colors, origami-style finishes and exaggerated heel patches, it creates a trendy shape. There are gray orange, gray green and pink orange. The new Sportswear series is now available in the brand stores and official website.

The series also launched a trendy running shoe at the same time.

(provided by the brand)

Three color matching AVRYN running shoes are now on the market, each NTD4,590.

(provided by the brand)

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