After the 10-day annual leave, the office workers have returned to work, and the students are about to welcome the start of school. In order to make the school start also have a good mood, the repair path, Telly House, launched a spring discount. A variety of products have discounted prices, and members are even better. present.

This wave of promotions is mainly aimed at the needs of renting students. Many students who live out are considering the issue of moving. The main considerations for all furniture are simplicity and low price. Teller House recommends that from the two aspects of "mobility" and "safety" Let’s start, renters can still enjoy a quality life, such as choosing lightweight, easy-to-assemble tables and chairs, which are convenient for flexible moving in the future; the height of tables and chairs is also knowledgeable, sitting on a chair with your knees at 90 degrees is the most perfect way to keep your feet on the ground , should not be too low or too high, so as not to affect the health of the cervical spine; at the same time, we must also pay attention to the materials used, choose E1 plates with low formaldehyde certification, and pass the load structure test, etc., so that we can feel at ease; The "air pressure rod" that adjusts the height of the seat meets international safety standards to avoid the risk of injury such as explosion or puncture.

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The new simple desk of Telly House, the original price is 1,390 yuan, and the special price is 1,290 yuan.

(Provided by Telly House, the same below)

The original price is 1,890 yuan, and the special price is 1,790 yuan.

Assembling and repairing are also common needs of renting students. Teller House recommends evaluating suitable models based on "drilling material" and "torque strength". That's enough. Beginners may wish to consider the "one machine with multiple uses" style of replaceable drill bits, which can meet most light repair needs.

BOSCH 650W four-point vibration electric drill set, the original price is 2,990 yuan and the special price is 1,899 yuan.

In addition to discounts for storage, desks, and assembly series, TLW has added member gifts. From now until 2/5, you will get an exclusive "tool-shaped mug" if you spend 599 yuan or more; join the LINE official account before 2/22, 2/24 - 2/28 spending over 199 yuan can be exchanged for a super-healing "tool shape kneading music"; download the "Teli Love Home Card" APP before 2/28, and spend 199 yuan or more on 3/1-3/7 to get texture " Terry House Tote Bag" one.

Tool shaped mug.

Tool modeling pinching music.

Terry house texture tote bag.

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