Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that after a cold invades the human body, it will continue to develop the course of the disease or maintain the wind-cold or turn into wind-heat according to the comprehensive factors such as personal physique, diet, work and rest; according to the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] It is cold and weak, so be careful of catching a cold.

Chinese medicine practitioners point out that colds can be roughly divided into two types: wind-cold and wind-heat. In the early stage, wind-cold and cold are the main symptoms.

If you want to prevent colds, you must take good care of the details of your life, ensure air circulation, keep warm, exercise moderately, and rest moderately.

Liufutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic posted on its Facebook fan page that colds can occur in all seasons, and it is the most common cold season recently. If we don’t want to be affected during this peak period of colds, we should pay attention to a balanced diet, work and rest in our daily life. The importance of combination and continuous exercise is just as the saying goes, "There is no evil in the body." When the body is in a healthy and strong state, naturally there is no need to fear the invasion of foreign viruses.

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Anemofrigid cold: wind-cold evil, viral.

Physicians of traditional Chinese medicine point out that wind-cold cold is generally the initial stage of the course of the disease, and it usually manifests as an initial reaction that has not yet developed into inflammation, and is mostly caused by cold wind, rain, and blowing air-conditioning.

There may be symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, no sweat, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat and cough, sore joints, lack of thirst, and heavy nasal congestion.

Fengreganmao: wind-heat evil, bacterial.

Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that wind-heat cold is generally the development stage of the disease process, gradually turning from cold to heat, and starting to see obvious swollen throat, yellow-green phlegm and other inflammatory reactions. It developed gradually after unevenness.

Symptoms such as fever, headache, mild aversion to wind and cold, spontaneous sweating, stuffy nose, sore throat, thick yellow phlegm, cough, and thirst may occur.

3 points of TCM treatment

●Eliminate evil spirits: eliminate evil spirits.

Through dialectical treatment, understand the development stage and location of the disease process, and then give symptomatic traditional Chinese medicine, or sweating to relieve the exterior, clearing heat and detoxification, and eliminating the symptoms one by one.

●Correction: Reinforcing righteousness.

When the human body is in some deficiencies, or has a long-term cold and physical loss, resulting in the inability of the immune system to perform well, it can be used to replenish the deficiency in an appropriate amount, enhance the righteousness, and help recovery.

●Remediation: inner qi and stomach.

Make the best use of the situation, eliminate stagnation, help the absorption and elimination of metabolic wastes such as phlegm and pus, make the Qi and blood smooth, and help the immune system to develop and exert itself.

Prevent colds and pay attention to 4 details

●Air circulation: keep the ambient air fresh and circulated, reduce indoor pathogens, and at the same time enhance the body's ability to adapt to cold and reduce the chance of getting sick.

●Keep warm: In accordance with the changes of the seasons and climate, add and change your own clothes in time to avoid getting sick due to fluctuating temperatures.

●Moderate exercise: Studies have shown that muscle strength is equivalent to human immunity. Moderate exercise not only improves the flow of Qi and blood, but also increases muscle strength and improves immunity.

Moderate work and rest: Maintain a state of fatigue and tirelessness, remember to take proper rest after work, avoid overtime work and forget to rest, and avoid being too lazy and making it difficult for the body to cope with changes in the environment and climate.

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