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Since birth, little Kai has been a media star.

His mother didn't even wait for him to be safely discharged from the maternity hospital and gathered a whole team of cameras to seal the event.

And show it on the web.

Even the baby's first breath of air lived peacefully on Instagram, and it seems that the little one will be on display for the rest of his life.

Juliana Ghani showed off the baby

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So it was time for his first photo shoot.

Juliana Ghani did not faint and presented to the public several shots in which Kai posed.

The little one is clearly in a great mood, and even knows how to smile.

The model's fans were quick to rejoice and did not stop praising how cute he is.

The proud mother did not forget to thank the photographer and as far as we know her, there will be more photo sessions, writes "Maritsa".

Since his birth, Kai is already known on the web and the majority has the honor to enjoy him.

How much such publicity is OK for a newborn baby is an entirely separate matter.

Giuliana Ghani likes to be in the spotlight and often feeds the media.

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