Xu Weien's sideline Youmo Photography opening reception; Jia Yongjie.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Yiquan)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Jia Yongjie just returned to Taiwan from skiing in Japan. Today (2nd) she attended the opening reception of the bridal shop partner Xu Weien's "Youmo Photography Team". She established the "Taiwan Yongjie Beautiful Girls Charity Association" in May last year "In less than a year, 40,893,499 yuan was raised, and the current available balance is 2,842,854 yuan. She revealed in an interview that the remaining funds will be donated to hospitals in rural areas. "Help as much as you can."

Xu Weien's sideline Youmo Photography opening reception; Jia Yongjie.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Yiquan)

Jia Yongjie devoted herself to public welfare and was named the "Goddess of Epidemic Prevention". However, some netizens didn't understand that the comments were so cruel that she was showing off. She said grandly, "It's okay, I'm already at this age. It all depends on one's practice. I can say loudly and openly that this matter has really helped many people, it has been applied to many people in a substantial way, and many precious lives have been saved. Most people should be able to understand it, right? If it is very Malicious attacks, there is no way, after all, when you want to do good things, you must have the courage to take responsibility." It was revealed that the project will end in May, "I will donate all the donations, and there are still 3 months, there is still plenty of time, we will do this slowly.” There will be a new special fund plan in the future, which has not yet been finalized.

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A few days ago, she and her husband took their second daughter and youngest son to Japan to go skiing for the New Year. She felt that the children had grown up, especially her son grew 10 centimeters this year, and his height changed from 158 centimeters to 168 centimeters. I got a man, and I got two more hands." She said that she used to be like an "old lady" when skiing, always picking up things after the children, but on this trip, the only things she picked up were the things her husband dropped.

However, this trip to Japan was the first overseas trip for the family after the epidemic, but the eldest daughter, An An, was unable to join. "She is in the United States and has no holidays. She video chats with us every day and says she wants to go."

Jia Yongjie believes that children will eventually leave the nest after they grow up. "Husbands and wives are the last to accompany each other. It is normal for children to leave the nest. It is really scary not to have too many adults tied together in a family."

In addition, Jia Yongjie and her younger brother sued her uncle and aunt for fraudulently defrauding her demented mother for 27 million. The Taipei District Prosecutor's Office refused to prosecute because of "insufficient suspicion". This is subject to appeal, but has not yet been notified.

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