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Top chef Andre Tokev returns to the screen.

The master chef was in trouble with the law after he was pulled over for drink driving, but that's all behind him now.

Andre Tokev and Petyr Mikhalchev will reunite together in the show "Hell's Kitchen" on Nova TV, which will run on the back of the rival "Survivor" on BTV.

The three master chefs will lead special classes, and one will include only famous people, such as the influencer and model Victoria Kapitonova.

"I really like to cook, I do it with great pleasure, and that's why I appeared on the show "MasterChef", says Kapitonova, who was born in Cheboksary, Russia.

The beauty, who stars in BBC show The Bachelor, is a star on the web, sharing healthy recipes and fitness tips with her followers.

It is already known that Chief Angelov will remain at Nova TV for the upcoming season, as the television is already advertising the show with his participation.

At the same time, BTV announced a long time ago that they are preparing a new season of "Masterchef", and castings are already underway for the participants. But it is not yet clear who will join the new jury. After the departure of Mikhalchev and the problems with Tokev's law, it became it is clear that Sylvena Rowe also dropped out of the scheme at her own request.

Sevda Dimitrova is one of the candidates for the jury in this year's format.

After 4 months in the pandiza: Chef Tokev returns to the pans

After winning the show, she opened her own restaurant, where she often hosted TV personalities, including for her official company events.

The problem with her, however, is that ynopumo refuses to eat meat and fish.

There is no way to enter the jury of the format without tasting the meat and fish specialties prepared by the participants.

That's why it's possible he'll end up off the jury.

As another judge in the form, the name of the Italian Marco Luchiari, who is one of the most frequent guests on BTV, since Andre Tokev left the form, was added.

Apart from him, the rumor claims that the winner of season 6 - Ivaylo Spasov, can also participate as a jury in the show.

According to "Bulgaria Today" information, the new jury has already been selected, but the contracts have not yet been signed, so it is possible to make changes in it.

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