[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] In 2019, Ma Junlin and Wang Tong did a fake show, and their affair broke out. Later, due to damage to his image, he had no filming for two and a half years. Now he has moved to Sanli to perform "A Family Reunion". During the interview, the first sentence was "Now I have to be a new person and work hard." It can be seen that the attitude has changed; as for Wang Tong, is it still a taboo topic in the family?

He hesitated before uttering, "I haven't always been, but I don't care about it anymore." But last year when Ai Cheng passed away, he didn't comfort Wang Tong and confessed that he had broken off contact.

Ma Junlin jumped to Sanli to perform "A Family Reunion".

(Photographed by reporter Chen Yiquan)

Ma Junlin moved to Sanli, and got together with FTV, and the executive of FTV also blessed his new job; and did Sanli adjust the price?

He immediately turned his head to ask for help, and explained that it was a "trial period" and he was happy to work with the new owner.

Aren't you worried that in the new play, it will be like the previous "Sentimental City" where you suddenly get a lunch box and have no part in the show?

He said, "Anything can happen in the 8 o'clock episode. Do your best and obey the destiny. No matter how many episodes you perform, just perform every episode well."

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Wang Tong.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yiquan)

In addition, his image has plummeted due to scandals, this time he will keep a distance from the actress at work?

He replied in twos and twos: "No, everyone brings out their majors at work, and I don't have time to memorize the script, so I don't have time to chat." Will his wife, Leung Man-ting, mind if he shoots intimate scenes?

He said that his wife didn't ask too many questions and respected and understood his work. In addition, this time the rival actress Zhang Yujie was a junior at his normal university, so she was quite close.

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