This Robot Dog knows all the rules of the traffic signal, helps the disabled people in this way

Advances in technology in all industries are helping people who find it difficult to perform their normal tasks.

New tools are becoming more effective thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence.

A video of an AI-powered robotic guide dog that is going viral on several social media sites could be of great help for daily use for people suffering from dementia or dependent on others to walk them.

A dog-shaped robot with artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) to act as a guide for dependent or disabled persons.

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World Economic Photographer has reported that the robotic guide dog named "Teffy" that smugglers use to get around its eyes is a camera with a machine learning system, which tells it the difference between objects and people and its Through this you are able to communicate with the user.

"This robotic guide dog can read and use hits and hit lights and can even scan QR codes."

"The creator of a robotic guide dog says it has huge potential to help people with dementia."

In addition to its value in guiding directions, its developers also point to its potential to help elderly people who are patients with dementia or Alzheimer's.

 Gerardo Portilla, the creator of this robotic dog, says that "in addition to informing its owner about the time of a medical appointment, Taffy is able to guide you directly to the office using only a floor plan, which it deems appropriate." But can get."

Thanks to its connection to the mobile telephone network, the robot can also request a taxi so the patient doesn't have to worry about almost anything."

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