[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Makiyo has been diagnosed recently. Yesterday she revealed that she has recovered, but her son, husband Xiaojin, and mother-in-law have been infected one after another. She said that she was the only one in the beginning. She wanted to bring her son to her husband’s house, but she did not expect the virus Following the past, the whole family has fallen.

Makiyo recovered from the diagnosis.

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Makiyo said that the most painful diagnosis is the throat. "No kidding, it's like burning your throat with a lighter, but after giving birth, the wound tearing is still more painful."

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She participated in the trial screening of "Forest in the Mountains" when she was young, and she felt a little uncomfortable that day, and she was diagnosed the next day, but then she asked the artists who participated in the trial screening that day, everyone was fine, and the director Jiang Ning was also fine, which made her very suspicious. She had no choice but to guess that the virus started on New Year's Eve, and she couldn't make a sound a few days before the onset of the disease. At present, she hopes that her 5-month-old son will recover quickly, and the virus is quite distressing.

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