After giving birth to her third child, Kunling revealed that she has recovered 80% to 90% of her figure, and her face and figure have become firmer again.

Kun Ling and Jay Chou ushered in their third child, the little princess Jacinda, in May last year, and officially became a "three treasure mother". She quickly recovered her teenage figure and announced her return in just over a month after giving birth. She has a delicate face and slender limbs. It doesn't look like it just finished production, and it amazes everyone when it debuts.

Kunling is about to turn 30 this year, and he admits that he is unavoidably nervous.

Half a year later, Kunling was interviewed by the media again at the invitation of Chanel skin care products last month. Not only did her face appear firmer, but her body curves also became slimmer and tighter. Facing the compliments from everyone, Kunling smiled Said that the current figure has recovered 80% to 90%, she said frankly: "When I first gave birth, I deliberately paid attention to diet and exercise in order to face the media, but recently it may be because of golf-related sports. As the amount of exercise increases, I will naturally lose weight. gone."

Jay Chou celebrated his 44th birthday last month, and Kun Ling organized a golf birthday party for her husband.

Jay Chou celebrated his 44th birthday last month. Kunling thoughtfully organized a birthday party for her husband at the golf course and played golf with relatives and friends. It turns out that this is the common interest of the couple recently. Kunling revealed that the past three to four months have been intensive Practicing golf like crazy, she said that her idol is Taiwan's first "world queen" Zeng Yani, and Nini is also the mentor who usually guides her and Jay Chou's golf skills.

Kun Ling is obsessed with golf, and behind him is the guidance of Taiwan's first "world queen" Tseng Yani.

Kun Ling said with a smile, for this new sport, it was difficult to play at first, but the more she played, the more interested she became. She and her husband Jay Chou started practicing at the same time. Although her posture was ugly when she played, her batting average was very low. very high.

She mentioned that one of the three goals set this year is to improve her golf practice, and every time she plays sports, she will definitely wear "Red Camellia No. Skin hydration, she says, with an oily, water-in-one texture, is a product she needs and carries with her all the time.

For skin care, Kunling is not sloppy at all, and essence is her favorite.

In addition, as she often travels abroad, her favorite is the essence of the same series. She believes that it can be used no matter where she goes and in all weather conditions. For the newly launched "No. 1 Red Camellia Rich Emulsion" Cream", Kunling also shared her TIPS for using cream. When the skin is sensitive or extremely dry, she will apply it thickly, and usually control the amount of cream according to the skin condition. For example, use a small amount on the T-zone and chin first. If you feel that the moisture is not enough, add more, and adjust according to your skin condition at any time.

She became a triple mother at a young age. The family of five is happy and happy. She often travels around the world and owns her own business. This kind of life seems to be lacking in everything in the eyes of ordinary people. Faced with the question, Kunling replied: " You need a mature heart.” Kun Ling, who is about to turn 30 this year, said frankly that she still has a sense of uncertainty in the face of turning 30. She always feels that there is something more to be like an adult. She has set three goals for herself this year, The first is to learn French well, the second is to hope to receive a good script, and she also revealed that she has already auditioned, and the third goal is to practice golf well. She said with a smile: "I have given myself psychological training. At the age of 30, I will It's a great start!"

Becoming a triple mother at a young age, with a happy family, Kun Ling believes that she still needs a mature mentality.

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