Guo Shuyao starts work and broadcasts benefits.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Guo Shuyao has a standard childlike face and a good figure with an E cup. In addition to being recognized for her acting skills, she recently released the single "Superficial", which is an all-round attack. After the Spring Festival holiday, she officially started work yesterday. The adjustment is good, but she started working with great sincerity in the photos, rolling on the bed and revealing E milk, fans called "nosebleed".

Guo Shuyao has a good figure.

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Guo Shuyao’s start-of-the-work essay was very creative and wrote, “I knew it was like this, it was like a dream, I wouldn’t put all the vacations in the same place.” After that, she wailed “Why did I start work”, expressing her reluctance for the end of the vacation .

And she posted a photo of her starting bed, with a sultry posture and wearing translucent lace thin shoulder straps, lying on her stomach, her round E breasts are super sexy from the perspective.

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Netizens left messages such as "Thought I slipped to the restricted level", "I will fall in love with you like this", "Nosebleed", "Dizzy and dizzy", "The tits are so big", "So positive", "How hot and beautiful" .

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