South Korean male god Song Joong Ki recently announced his marriage registration with his British girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders, and confirmed that Katy is pregnant with a "bunny baby". Be ready for anything.

Since Song Joong Ki divorced Song Hye Kyo, his emotional dynamics have attracted much attention. At the end of last year, it was revealed that he was dating the British actress Katy, which shocked the entertainment industry. He did not expect that he would be promoted to a husband and a father at the same time after the Lunar New Year. It went super smoothly. Zheng Zhongji and Katy have both been on the hot search list these days, which shows that the outside world is highly concerned about this pair of novice parents.

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Song Joong Ki and Katy double happiness, announced the good news of marriage and pregnancy at the same time.

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Katy is currently returning to Seoul with Song Joong-ki to concentrate on giving birth. Korean media captured Katy shopping at the famous children's clothing store Bonpoint. The jacket and pants alone cost 160,000 Korean won (about NT$4,200).

Bonpoint is the top French children's clothing, emphasizing fashion, classics, elegance and luxury. The fabrics used are top cotton or wool, providing an excellent comfortable wearing experience for newborns and children. The three cute babies of the British royal family often wear Bonpoint Children's clothing debut, many stars and celebrities such as David Beckham, Celine Dion, Jessica Alba also love Bonpoint, Song Joong-ki and Katy's baby has a boutique Blessing can be said to win at the starting point.

In addition, although Bonpoint has both male and female clothing, the design for girls is especially cute, so many people speculate that Katy is pregnant with a female doll, so she only likes Bonpoint.

Bonpoint is the top boutique children's clothing.

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Bonpoint's girls' clothing is especially cute, and many people speculate that Katy is pregnant with a girl doll.

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