The composite photo of IU+Jennie turned out to be super like "her".

There are so many people in the world, but people who are considered beautiful by most people all have similarities. It is even said that handsome men and beautiful women almost all "look the same"!

Recently, some netizens mixed and matched photos of Korean actresses IU and Jennie, and unexpectedly found that they look like "her", making fans call it amazing!

Some netizens combined photos of IU and Jennie.

Do handsome men and beautiful women really "look the same"?

Jocelyn Editt, a creator who is good at video synthesis, likes to put photos of stars together to "mash-up", such as mixing BLACKPINK Lisa and virtual "Wednesday Addams" (Wednesday Addams) to create a super three-dimensional "Lisaday", or BTS Jin and Red Velvet Irene mixed up a handsome boy who looks a bit like Jisoo and a bit like Taehyung, which is interesting and unexpectedly attracted many fans.

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Lisa+Wednesday, the synthesis is also a great beauty.

Jin and Irene mix and match to create a handsome boy.

However, the most discussed one is that he combined the two beauties, IU and Jennie. The silhouettes of the two with exquisite facial features are super similar, and after superimposed by the computer, a super beautiful beauty appeared!

Netizens commented that in addition to the shadows of Taeyeon and Irene, it also looks like Karina from aespa.

IU+Jennie's composite photo sparked discussion.

Netizens frantically swiped comments to discuss: "It looks like Irene", "It's Taeyeon", "It's completely Karina", "I said Karina is an AI-synthesized face", "It's true that beauties look similar", "Beauties They are all the same style!"

IU+Jennie's synthetic mix and match is also a great beauty.

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