The Drug Control and Anti-Drug Authority (DCEA) today, February 2023, has consumed 23.84 kilos of narcotics.

The statement issued by the Head of the Communications Unit in the Government Authority to Control and Fight Drugs, Florence Khambi said that the drugs were seized on January 26, 2023 in a special operation held in the Temeke district in the Dar es Salaam region.

He said that the operation succeeded in capturing the amount of quince drugs stored in the house of Rhoda Mohamed Salum (48) who is a resident of Lukongo in the Wiles area of ​​Temeke district as he was preparing to transport them abroad.

"Furthermore, on January 27, 2023 in the dump of the Chang'ombe Police Station, that amount of drugs was burned under the supervision of some stakeholders from legally recognized institutions as directed in Regulation 14 of the Law on Controlling and Combating Drugs Addiction." He said

He mentioned that the participants include a representative of the Commissioner General of the Authority to control and combat drugs, the Judge of the Temeke District Court, a representative of the Inspector General of Police, a representative of the Chief Government Chemist, a representative from the National Prosecution Office In the country.

He said, the incineration was carried out in accordance with the requirements of section 36(1) of the Law on Control and Combating Narcotic Drugs which allows the incineration of some narcotic drugs considering the dangerous nature of the drugs, their deterioration, environmental effects, lack of specific storage space or considering other similar issues.

In addition, he has said that since the quinces were fresh, there was a high possibility of spoiling and losing its originality, so it was important to burn the medicines.

"The investigation of this matter is still ongoing and when it is completed the suspect will be brought to court." He said