The doctor pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine divides menstrual pain into "pain caused by obstruction" and "pain caused by lack of prosperity". The former is caused by the obstruction of local Qi and blood flow, while the latter is caused by the weakness of Qi and blood that cannot nourish the uterus; the picture shows Situation photo.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many women have symptoms of menstrual pain, and many people even think that menstrual pain is normal, and they can pass it after a while. Zheng Anbin, director of the integration of Chinese and Western medicine at Taoyuan Yiyun Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, said that when menstrual pain should go to the doctor to check for other diseases, In Chinese medicine, it is divided into two categories: "pain due to obstruction" and "pain due to lack of glory". The former is pain caused by the obstruction of local Qi and blood flow, and the latter is pain caused by weak Qi and blood that cannot nourish the uterus.

Zheng Anbin posted on the Facebook page "Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Confidant Physician Zheng Anbin" that TCM doctors will base on the pain location and nature of menstrual pain, accompanying symptoms of menstrual period (premenstrual chest pain, diarrhea, backache, fear of cold, fever, etc.), menstrual blood Color, volume and texture, combined with the four diagnostic methods determine the cause of menstrual pain and treat it.

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TCM treatment of dysmenorrhea

Traditional Chinese medicine:

Prescribe according to different constitutions. Modern women often have menstrual pain caused by school entrance and work pressure. Before menstruation, breast tenderness, migraine and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome may also occur. This kind of Chinese medicine believes that it is related to "liver depression and qi stagnation" , will use prescriptions for soothing the liver and regulating qi, such as Jiawei Xiaoyao San.

Another common type is more menstrual blood clots, which will be aggravated by eating ice cold, and relieved by hot compresses in the lower abdomen. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is more related to "cold coagulation blood stasis", and will give prescriptions for warming the meridians and promoting blood circulation, such as Shaofu Zhuyu Decoction, etc. .

Pain improvement can be observed in most of the 1-2 cycles of treatment, and it is recommended to treat for 3-6 months to be more stable.


Acupuncture can relieve pain in acute pain and improve pelvic circulation in normal times.

According to research, acupoints such as Sanyinjiao, Taichong, Gongsun, and Zusanli can relieve primary menstrual pain.

Women who are afraid of needles can also use auricular point massage to relieve pain first.

●Smoke the umbilical cord:

In ancient times, wormwood would be ignited and placed on the lower abdomen to improve pelvic circulation.

Now considering air pollution, burns, etc., Yiyun uses the improved umbilical fumigation therapy. The method is to stick warm traditional Chinese medicine on the navel, and bring the medicinal gas into the body by the temperature of the warm pack and the far-infrared lamp, which can warm the umbilical cord. Unblock the meridians, improve the circulation of Qi and blood in the uterus.

Zheng Anbin emphasized that menstrual pain should not be tolerated, and should seek medical attention to check for organ lesions. Long-term chronic pain not only affects the quality of life, but now research shows that chronic pain can change the structure of the brain, which may be related to depression and memory loss, so we must pay attention to it.

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