Japanese artist Shinsuke Kawahara created the bottle design for the limited-edition fragrance "Rose Flower Road" of Hermès Scent Collection.

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Hermès perfume catches up with the trend of the Year of the Rabbit, and its Hermessence series (Hermessence) launched an exclusive limited edition fragrance "Rose Ikebana" (Rose Ikebana), which interprets the long-standing cultural tradition of Ikebana with its rich fragrance. At the same time, Japanese artist Shinsuke Kawahara was hired to create limited edition packaging. He adorned the bottle with elegant roses and playful bunnies, bringing a childlike side to the Scent Collection series.

As the name suggests, ikebana is the "way of flowers", also known as "生け花" (ikebana) in Japanese, which is the technique of injecting life into flowers. This is an art based on the close relationship between natural life and animals and plants.

Shinsuke Kawahara, a well-known Japanese illustrator, has collaborated with many fashion brands.

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Shinsuke Kawahara is a well-known illustrator, designer and scene designer, and his grandmother is also an ikebana master. Through his light brushstrokes, a pure and light rose is secluded on the perfume bottle As the symbol of ikebana art, the flower blooms naturally; as the flower shines, it attracts the eyes of a playful little rabbit, forming a poetic picture with a minimalist style and full of life interest.

Hermès Fragrance Collection Series - Rose Flower Road, hand-painted leather case limited edition 100ml/77,200 yuan.

The fragrance of Hermès "Wenxiang Collection Series - Rose Flower Road" echoes with this packaging design, continuing the unique pure style of this series. The fresh rose with dewdrops and crisp rhubarb contrasts with the crisp rhubarb when you wake up in the morning; The scent of grapefruit highlights the dual layers; the soft magnolia flower leads to the breath of green branches, reflecting the fragrance of fresh roses and rich musk notes, and finally injects foundation into the overall style with soft vanilla scent.

Hermès Fragrance Collection - Rose Flower Road, limited edition 200ml/40,800 yuan in screen-printed glass bottle.

This limited edition fragrance includes two sizes of perfume bottles, both with leather-covered caps. Painted on Tadelakt calfskin cases, all cases are drawn by the same craftsman, using fine brushstrokes to outline patterns on bright red soft leather, each case takes two hours to draw, perfectly reproducing the original image The subtle details of the fragrance add a unique finishing touch to the fragrance.

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