Chinese actor Hu Ge, who became popular with the costume drama "Nirvana in Fire", has announced that he is becoming a father.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] After the Korean drama hero Song Joong-ki announced his remarriage and pregnancy, the Chinese actor Hu Ge, who became popular in ancient costume dramas such as "Nirvana in Fire" and "Legend of the Condor Heroes", today (31) There was also no warning on the Weibo official announcement that he was married and his daughter was born, and revealed that his wife was not a public figure.

In recent years, Hu Ge's career has developed quite well.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Lu drama male god Hu Ge released the good news on Weibo without warning.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Hu Ge, who has been in the industry for 20 years, announced the good news this afternoon and happily shared that he is going to be a father. He wrote on Weibo: "Thank you all for accompanying me to grow up together. Now I will work with you to the next stage of life. I hope Everyone can give me more support and understanding. The past year has been difficult. My wife is not a public figure. In order to let the good news of the child’s birth go smoothly, I hope everyone will forgive me. I will send a surprise in the new year. All the best​".

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